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Ideal for yoga,family outings or water sports. It features a non-slip EVA pad, D-ring design, and dual air chambers for safety. It comes with accessories for a complete experience.

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Tuxedo Sailor
330 Pounds
12-15 PSI

13' L × 39″ W × 6″ D

Item Weight

‎18.1 Kilograms




Package Dimensions

(L x W x H) ‎43 x 18 x 9 inches

Package weight

‎18.3 Kilograms

Adjustable aluminum paddle

3 Removable sup fins

High pressure pump

Waterproof Dry Bag

Elastic Sup leash

Travel backpack

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reached consumers
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Funwater inflatable paddle board

 1. Paddle Hanging
An intimate design that is convenient to carry paddles free your hands.
2. EVA Non-Slip
Made of safe, environmentally friendly materials and provide cushioning to prevent falls.
3. Six+ Reinforced Bungee
Stabilize your waterproof backpack and other outdoor sports equipment in the shaking water.
4. convenient handle
Dual material reinforced handles make carrying easier and more convenient.
Unleash Your Aquatic Adventure
Stands out as an excellent choice for individuals and families seeking a versatile, safe, and convenient paddle board for various water activities. 
suitable size
With its spacious design, safety features, sophisticated design elements, and complete accessories, it ensures a memorable and enjoyable paddle boarding experience for users of all ages and skill levels. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent service

We had a problem with the fins not going in properly. We had excellent after sales service with the company! The board is perfect for our needs! They replaced the parts without a hitch! I highly recommend

seems like a good buy, but now it's time to put it in the water.

Tested, it remains inflated and all items are correct.
Looks like a good buy, still needs to be put in the water.


Very big , very beautiful and very sturdy
I love it 👌

Great board and great customer service

I am in love with this paddleboard. It is lightweight and convenient to transport. When I had questions for the company, they were easy to work with and very responsive. I highly recommend this board to anyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I take care of my SUP?
Taking care of your SUP is pretty easy, with little regular maintenance required. But to keep your board in tip-top shape for as long as possible, here’s some simple things to be aware of:
  • Don’t expose your board to sunlight for too long, as this can cause permanent damage. Store indoors, in the shade, or in a reflective bag when not in use.
  • After paddling in the ocean, rinse your board and all accessories with fresh water. Failing to rinse-off salt and other debris can weaken seams and damage your board’s material over time.
  • Regularly check for cracks, scrapes, or any other issues. The faster you identify a problem, the quicker it can be fixed to avoid too much long-term damage.
How do I store my Funwater board?
Proper SUP storage is crucial for increasing your board’s longevity. Here’s some top tips:
  • Make sure your board is fully dry before deflating, folding, and storing away. Storing your board when wet or damp can cause permanent damage over time. Not to mention the mould that could develop if you go a long period of time not using your board!
  • Always store your SUP in appropriate temperatures. Whilst our boards are designed to be super durable, extreme hot or cold conditions won’t be ideal in the long-run. We recommend storing your board anywhere between 5 – 40°C (40 – 105°F).
  • Always remove your centre fin. If you deflate your board and try rolling it up with fins still in, this could cause permanent damage.
Why are fins difficult to insert?
Your fin may be difficult to install the first few times, but don’t worry, this is a good thing.
In order to prevent the fins from falling off during use, we have thickened them.
The tighter the fin is in the fin box, the better the board will ride. Your fin box will “open” up over time to allow the fin to slide in and out easier.
What should I wear when stand up paddleboarding?
  • If you’re a newcomer, we strongly recommend wearing a floatation device at all times. It’s also best to wear waterproof clothing or even a wetsuit, ensuring you’re always prepared should you get wet!
  • For more experienced paddlers, simply staying comfortable is key. Being sure to protect yourself from the sun is crucial, especially when paddling close to the coast. A cool breeze can easily mask how hot temperatures are truly getting, and you’ll be more exposed to sunburn as sunlight reflects back up off the water.
  • Wearing clothes with wicking properties is ideal too, as you’ll be kept feeling cool and dry.
How to adjust the length of the paddle?/How do I fix a paddle that can't be fixed?
  • The Spring ball and Lock Mechanism that allows quick and easy assembly.
  • Adjust the paddle to your desired length.
  • If the connection at the lock of the propeller rod is loose, please rotate the lock several times to tighten it.