The difference between a paddle board and a surfboard

Paddle boards are a type of surfboard, but they are significantly different from general surfboards.

funwater inflatable surfboard

1. How to use: You can generally sit or lie on the beach with a surfboard, then chase the waves and stand on a good beach. A paddle board such as a balance beam has been standing on the beach, or/kneeling on the beach, paddling with the paddle in hand.

2. Size: Generally paddleboards are longer and wider than surfboards. Surfboards are generally 8 feet, and paddleboards are generally 10-14 feet. Looking at the photos is more obvious, relatively speaking, surfboard photos are more popular.

3. Accessories: There is usually a foot pad attached to the surface of the paddle board, which plays a non-slip effect. In addition, the paddle board is equipped with a paddle for paddling.

4. Classification: Surfboards are generally made of wood, glass fiber reinforced plastic, carbon fiber, etc.; in addition to the above materials, paddle boards also have inflatable boards. (There are also master surfing with inflatable boards, when relatively few.)

Surfing isn't just a board, it's a sport; it's also possible to surf with a paddle board.

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